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MRS seeks long term partnerships with customers where “Green” and its sustainability are key.  Our expert team players keep your systems at peak optimal performance while maintaining long term efficiency.  These four building blocks are proven to reduce overall customer costs and assist in reducing the environmental impact of greenhouse gases.



Market Refrigeration Specialists are experts at achieving maximum efficiency of refrigeration and HVAC systems. Not only will your systems run efficiently, they will run longer without major repairs.

When we partner with our customers we will:

  • Monitor your system’s performance.
  • Recommend and propose upgrades to reduce overall costs and energy consumption.
  • Audit upgraded performances of systems.
  • Assure performance longevity.


Green Installations

Our goal is to improve everyday life with a conscious approach to green construction and service practices.

We offer several ways to reduce your carbon footprint with the installation of Carbon Dioxide (Co2) and Glycol Systems, as well as Green Refrigerant Retro-Fits.

Carbon Dioxide and glycol systems reduce refrigerant charges at approximately 90% by localizing refrigerant while absorbing heat with alternative refrigerants.

Our company also offers refrigerant retro-fits with new low carbon gasses. This not only reduces your carbon footprint, but also reduces maintenance costs due to high priced refrigerants driven by EPA mandated -phase outs of high carbon gasses.


High Cost Store Solutions

Retailers often experience high cost maintenance stores that require expert diagnostics and solutions to reduce overall costs. At Market Refrigeration Specialists, we specialize in correcting these high cost stores.

Our technicians are all extensively trained in recognizing causes of high cost stores. We will evaluate your store for high energy consumption, excessive refrigerant losses, and improper engineering, then propose solutions for repairs.

Our customers have realized that with our expertise on the repair of high cost stores, their maintenance costs are reduced and kept to a minimum. In proving our methods to reduce overall costs we welcome the opportunity to provide quality refrigeration and HVAC service to sustain the performance of your stores going forward.

Market Refrigeration Specialists looks forward in developing long-term partnerships to allow us to sustain your stores performance to eliminate high cost maintenance stores.



We display the highest level of professionalism, while maintaining the ultimate commitment and responsiveness to our customer’s needs.

Proficient and knowledgeable with

State-Of-The-Art Technology.

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