Service Apprentice

  • Be an enthusiastic person who is devoted to building customer relationships.
  • Need to have basic hand tools for refrigeration and HVAC equipment
  • One who understands basic preventative maintenance, leak checking and service procedures.
  • Must have the knowledge of basic electrical troubleshooting devices, electrical controls on a refrigeration systems and HVAC package units.
  • Also know the function of all the valves and mechanical parts of these systems.
  • Must be able to understand and carry out all safety procedures necessary to having a safe job site.
  • Be able to work flexible hours( days or nights Monday through Sunday)

Journeyman Technician

  • Must have 4-6 years of experience.
  • Be the journeyman that is enthusiastic about his work and cares about his works quality
  • Must be able to be on call and also work flexible hours.
  • Thoroughly be able to go through refrigeration and HVAC systems and be able to diagnose electrical and mechanical problems.
  • Understand on site supermarket energy management systems and be able to navigate through them while at the job site (Such as Danfoss, Comtrol, CPC, Novar and RDM).
  • Know the importance of leak check procedures and repairs necessary in today’s supermarket industry.
  • Understand engineering sheets and how to navigate through each of them at the job site
  • Understand and be able to troubleshoot chillers, closed loop glycol systems and CO2 Systems.
  • Be able to correctly diagnose compressor failures and what caused them.
  • Understand how a floating suction works and why it is crucial to energy savings in a supermarket.
  • Know how to create a job safe environment.

Supervisor Technician

  • Must have 7+ years of experience.
  • Must be have good communication skills and be able to guide a group of employees through problems they may have on the job site.
  • Need to be able to do on site programming of refrigeration systems via laptop.
  • Locate programming problems causing high energy usage in the supermarket.
  • Completely commission a supermarket and reduce the energy usage in the store.
  • Be able to build a complete energy management program for a new supermarket.
  • Need to be able to perform all the duties above of a regular Journeyman.

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